Grey River Netting Inc.

Welcome to Grey River Netting Inc., proud to be serving Campbell River, Vancouver Island, and North America.

Started in 1996, Grey River Netting has grown to be a leading force in the commercial and sporting industry. We are able to manufacture any size of dipnet, cargo net, tarp, trap, or rope and specialize in custom orders. 

We use only the highest quality materials for our net products and pride ourselves on our work. We offer our expertise to ensure that customers receive the best product for their particular needs. This is how we have established ourselves in the fish nets, traps. and sporting community. We are continually growing and expanding our business and have experience in new ideas, or old ones, to help you design, manufacture and achieve your desired results.

Commercial, Residential and Industrial Netting

Please feel free to inquire about any special equipment requests, in any size or amount you would like. Otherwise please browse our many products available.