Located in Campbell River, BC, Grey River Netting is a market leader and North American source for aquaculture, marine, commercial, and sport netting solutions.

We are a group of innovative, dynamic individuals that design and manufacture fully customized and advanced products made from rope, netting, and tarps – including custom netting for sports, climbing rope, safety nets and crash pads for adventure parks, fishing traps, seine nets and rope ladders for boats and industrial-strength cargo nets and heavy-duty tarps. Using only the highest quality industrial-level materials, we can engineer and design anything.

Our Philosophy
Having something custom-made means you get exactly what you want.

Everything we create and engineer is designed for you, the client, to ensure we achieve the perfect balance of functionality, custom-design and high-end craftsmanship. From large-scale commercial and industrial solutions to residential and personal projects, we manufacture custom-made, turn-key solutions that help you and your business protect, secure or collect whatever you need when you need it.

Our History
The story of Grey River Netting begins with its founder, Hugh Young.

Surrounded by towering mountains and accessible only by boat or helicopter, the community of Grey River only had a total of 60 inhabitants living there at the time, including a cat and a handful of chickens. At the age of 15, Hugh stepped onto a boat where he then saw things in a new light – literally seeing a lightbulb for the very first time.

In 1978, Hugh became a certified Navy dockyard rigger before working as a commercial rigger in the Arctic for 8 years. When it comes to nets and ropes, there isn’t a problem Hugh hasn’t seen or solved. Spending years honing his skills through trial and error, Hugh has spent his life solving and mastering the subtle nuances of nets and ropes. Always a Newfoundlander at heart, Hugh chose the name Grey River Netting to pay homage to his hometown roots and the community he once called home, Grey River.

Guiding the Next Generation
Established in 1996, Grey River Netting operates out of Campbell River, BC. Initially focusing on the manufacture and repair of commercial fishing nets and gear, Grey River Netting has transformed into an engineering consulting firm specializing in turn-key operations involving netting, ropes and tarpaulin.

Grey River Netting is one of the few companies in the world with the technical skills to create highly custom and advanced products from netting, rope, and tarps. When it comes to net making, there’s no certificate or how-to available to master the art. Creating highly custom and advanced products requires the right eye, meticulous mind and years of experience under the fingers. Today, Hugh imparts his wealth of knowledge, values and one-of-a-kind set of skills to the next generation, teaching them the true value of craftsmanship, design and quality and ensuring his craft lives on in the world – one knot at a time.

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Grey River Netting is a group of dynamic individuals that manufacture highly advanced products made from rope, netting, and tarpaulin. Learn about our story at the link below.